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Is a Smart Camera Also Smart Home Security?

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by: ADT Staff

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Smart home device adoption is on the rise as new advancements and technology continue to roll out. According to Interpret, more than half of all U.S. consumers own at least one smart home device with video cameras ranking in the top five most popular. In addition, Parks Associates found that one-third of consumers who own a smart home device increased their use of their devices during the pandemic—noting both indoor and outdoor cameras.

But is a smart camera a security system? Let’s explore further…

Recent research from Interpret (a global insights firm) found that half of smart camera owners actually consider their cameras as their home security system. Having cameras where people expect to see them as well as where they don’t is what can make the difference between good and great security. But while a camera is a great way to keep an eye on your home and loved ones, by itself, a camera is not a true security system.

“A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in the home security market, a camera is worth so much more,” John Owens, senior vice president sales strategy and operations at ADT noted. “Cameras can capture motion, facial recognition, and more, but where they can really be the most impactful is when they are connected to a professionally monitored system.”

Professional monitoring offers a profound difference over self-monitoring, and when coupled with indoor and outdoor cameras, can provide monitoring agents and 911 dispatchers with more details to help them send the appropriate first responders in case of emergency. In addition, monitoring agents can use connected cameras to help verify alarms, which is known to help increase first responder response times.

So, while cameras alone won’t keep your home safe, they are a great first line of defense to help keep an eye on things. And when coupled with a professionally monitored system, you can have greater peace of mind that professionals are helping to protect your home 24/7.