Watch our robot take on Pictionary

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ADT Commercial robot

ADT Commercial is showcasing new updates to its innovative humanoid robotics program Sept. 12–14 at GSX 2022. The security robot is able to conduct autonomous patrols, perform two-way communications between the public and an operator, open doors and complete tasks that require fine motor skills — such as drawing a picture.

In this video, the robot Gemini plays a bit of Pictionary with Mike Lavway, ADT's Director of Enterprise Security Risk Group Operations, at ADT's Innovation Lab.

New features developed for the humanoid robot in partnership with Norway-based robotics company, Halodi, include a camera system that allows for a full 360-degree range of sight, robot self-docking and self-charging capabilities, a padded suit, and many additional upgrades to further improve reliability and serviceability. Since debuting the robotics solution at ISC West in March 2022, the team has prioritized more than 180 enhancements to the technology in response to feedback from various pilot partners across industries.

“While most security-focused robots can observe and report, we’re working closely with our pilot partners and Halodi to create humanoid robots that can observe, report and engage with surroundings sans human in ways never imagined,” said Mike Lavway, ADT’s Director, Enterprise Security Risk Group Operations. “The true benefit to our customers in deploying this technology is the value it brings to their security team — having a robot that can interact with its environment means fewer risks to a customer's greatest asset, their people.”

ADT Commercial’s intelligent autonomous guard solutions, including the humanoid robot, are on display Sept. 12–14 at GSX 2022 in booth 2143. Click here to learn more.