Safe, Smart and Sustainable: Increasing Value to Customers With Solar Energy Services

2 min read

Marc Jones, Executive Vice President, Solar

There are several reasons why more consumers are excited about solar energy, leading to nearly 40 percent growth in the industry year over year. Rising energy prices are one reason for sure. But there are others.

First, as natural disasters like fires, floods and hurricanes cause disruptions to the power supply to homes across the country, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their dependency on the grid. Along with solutions like energy storage, solar panels can help make that possible.

Second, you might be a cord-cutter when it comes to cable TV or your telephone provider, but let’s face it — you can’t completely cut the utility cord!

Third, the evolution of the smart and connected home is leading to new consumer interest in a fully integrated approach to smart energy, automation, convenience, and security.

Fourth, going solar offers consumers even more peace of mind by giving them the opportunity to power their homes with sustainable and more affordable solar energy at a time when climate concerns and weather patterns weigh on people’s minds.

That’s why Sunpro Solar joining forces with ADT creates so much value for consumers. With a 147-year legacy of trust as a foundation, consumers can be confident that ADT Solar is a brand that will be with them for the long haul. There’s a reason that you see ADT yard signs in front of so many homes and businesses. People trust ADT.

But that’s not the only reason I’m excited for this new opportunity. Sunpro has been extremely successful over the years because we’ve obsessed about the customer. That customer-centric mindset is shared by ADT. Working as part of ADT, we know we can bring more rooftop solar to more people in more places while delivering on our commitment to great customer service.

Soon, not only will ADT help protect entire neighborhoods, but homes will be topped with ADT-installed solar panels, giving homeowners the ultimate safe, smart and sustainable home experience.