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Putting the Customer Front and Center at ADT

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By: Jamie Haenggi, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

Jamie Haenggi, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

At ADT, we take immense pride in protecting our six-million customers.

Successfully doing that (for nearly 150 years) means listening closely to those customers to build products and services that make them and their loved ones safer. It is imperative that we innovate from a place that puts our customers and their needs at the center of everything we do.

This year, my team has been looking at how well we’re accomplishing that goal. We’ve conducted hundreds of interviews and analyzed thousands of data points to map our customer journey. It may very well be the most comprehensive view of the customer in ADT history.

We’ve discovered that there’s room for improvement, and we are taking immediate action.

We have launched a new strategy and team focused exclusively on customer experience across the entire company. Our work is not just about improving customer service – although that’s an important part of it. Our approach is a holistic one to design, build, and iterate for every customer, at every moment, over the course of our relationship.

We’ll be focusing on making sure that our customers have easier-to-use, reliable services, a more personalized digital touch, more imaginative products and increased transparency. We are developing a customer experience that is modern, delightful and delivers value, both in-person and digitally.

We are excited to partner cross-functionally within our organization, with departments like IT, Field Operations and Product Development, to name a few. This collaboration is already resulting in the development of more-intuitive digital tools. For example, together with field operations we have rolled out new virtual service appointments for customers who would rather schedule a video appointment with a tech; our IT and CX teams have been working closely to build the future technology infrastructure that will lead to a more frictionless experience for customers.  And lastly, the CX design team is working with product development to help design full experiences that will be able to help customers get more out of their ADT products and services from ADT via their app.