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ADT monitoring agent’s quick action helps bring missing boy home

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When Latisha Ogochukwu's son wandered away from home last year, his mother activated her invisaWear emergency pendant, backed by ADT monitoring.
When Latisha Ogochukwu's son wandered away from home last year, his mother activated her invisaWear emergency pendant, backed by ADT monitoring.

When you meet Latisha Ogochukwu of Brockton, Massachusetts, the first thing you notice is her radiant smile. The next thing you may notice is the shiny, metallic necklace that’s always around her neck. It’s her invisaWear pendant, which Ogochukwu says she's rarely without.  

“It’s a security blanket for me,” she says with a smile. “A pretty security blanket.”  

With the simple double-click of a hidden button, the invisaWear device can connect with ADT monitoring agents in the case of an emergency. 

“I feel very secure and safe that I can get help at any time. I feel comfort because I know that it’s always with me,” Ogochukwu says. “They know where I’m at and they can come right away.”  

And for Ogochukwu, this isn’t just a promise — when her son went missing last year, she put the device and ADT’s monitoring into action. 

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Pendant provides ADT support 

In the summer of 2023, Ogochukwu’s 10-year-old son, who has autism, wandered away from the house, through a fence gate that was accidentally left open.  

“My son has limited speech and he’s an eloper. When I noticed the gate open, I immediately pressed my necklace. I was frantic,” she said. 

Emily McClain
Emily McClain

Emily McClain, an ADT Care Associate, immediately responded to the alert.  

“As soon as she said her son was missing, I remember feeling a connection to this call because I’m also a mother and I have a child that’s very close in age,” McClain said. “So I instantly wanted to get her the help that she needed.”  

McClain was able to get key information about the boy from Ogochukwu and quickly relayed it to Brockton police.  

“Finding a missing child in the first few hours is critical because every minute that goes by, the chances of them being found unsafe or harmed increases,” said Darren Duarte, Chief of Communications, Brockton Police Department.  

 Thanks to the quick police response, officers found Ogochukwu’s son within 20 minutes, a couple of blocks away.  

Latisha Ogochukwu, left, and Emily McCain meet at Ogochukwu's home after McCain answered Ogochukwu's call for help.
Latisha Ogochukwu, left, and Emily McClain meet at Ogochukwu's home after McClain answered Ogochukwu's call for help.

A joyful reunion

“I was able to call Latisha back and tell her everything was going to be OK and that her son was safe,” McClain said. “To give her that level of reassurance, it’s worth so much, especially to a mother.”  

Ogochukwu was immensely grateful for McClain’s help and the immediate response of ADT and the police.  

“I like that you actually talk to a person and they start going to work immediately once you ask for help,” Ogochukwu said.  

This is just one example of how ADT is there for its customers every day, McClain said. “We really, truly are always there for them, and it just makes me feel really proud to work for ADT,” she said. 

"We are deeply moved by Latisha's story and thankful for the ADT team's swift action,” said Rajia Abdelaziz, CEO of invisaWear. “It's an important reminder that behind every product we develop, and every call answered by ADT, there's a story, a family and a life that matters deeply to us.”  

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