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Case Study: Virginia Property Manager Finds Cost Savings with ADT Multifamily Smart Apartment Solutions

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By: ADT Staff

An ADT Multifamily smart apartment property

When Beth Zinsky, multi-site property manager at Westminster Management Group, decided to install smart locks, alarm panels, and smart thermostats in the apartments on her property from ADT Multifamily, she was looking for a way to up-level her property and make it appeal to a broader audience. Over the three years since ADT Multifamily installed those devices, the demographic at her property, The Park at Salisbury in Midlothian, Va., shifted dramatically. But that wasn’t the only change that Beth saw. Since then, she has been pleasantly surprised by the multitude of benefits her ADT Multifamily system provides including energy savings, maintenance savings, and improved insights for budgeting.

Energy Savings
After ADT Multifamily installed smart thermostats in Beth’s property, she noticed a jaw-dropping 50 percent decrease in her electric bill for the vacant units in the property thanks to the ability to manage and conserve the use of energy while the units were empty. According to Beth, a common culprit for energy spending is when vendors or maintenance workers enter a vacant unit and lower the temperature. When those workers leave, however, they often forget to change the temperature back and energy is wasted on blasting air conditioning in an empty apartment. ADT Multifamily’s smart thermostats have allowed Beth to keep watch over the temperatures in these empty units and ensure that they remain at a reasonable level.

Smart thermostats are a common way to help save energy in multifamily properties and according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, multifamily properties in general present a tremendous opportunity for energy savings. Upgrades to energy-saving devices like smart thermostats can improve the energy efficiency of multifamily properties by 15-30 percent and save $3.4 billion in multifamily utility costs across the United States.

Maintenance Savings
Since having her system installed, Beth has seen savings in the maintenance department and feels more in control of servicing her property. She and her team noticed how much faster the maintenance team can complete service requests with the insight smart devices provide and convenience they offer. Along with that, reviews from residents have begun showing higher ratings for maintenance.

“The biggest benefit for the maintenance teams is time. Being able to control the thermostat remotely can save lots of time for maintenance workers who no longer have to walk all the way around the building from the outdoor air conditioning unit to the thermostat inside. Smart locks also save workers time because with very few residents getting locked out, workers don’t have to come to the office to pull keys,” Beth said. This time savings has allowed Beth’s property to increase customer service and resident retention while also saving money. “Most people think these devices are for the residents, but property owners should really be looking at ADT Multifamily systems for what they do for onsite staff,” she added.

Budgeting Insights
Due to the insights ADT Multifamily provides through an intuitive and custom property management dashboard, Beth has also been able to keep a closer hold on budgeting. Through the custom property management dashboard, ADT Multifamily offers property managers detailed analytics that give them insights into maintenance trends and allow them to more accurately predict and budget for future issues. It also allows property managers like Beth to be more informed when service providers inspect systems and offer quotes.

Smart devices and home automation provide countless benefits to property managers and residents alike. According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, recent surveys show renters are interested in smart devices and home automation technology, especially if it saves them money. To learn more about ADT Multifamily smart apartment solutions, visit or call 866-204-0649.