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Meet Your Safety Sidekick That’s There 24/7

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By: Leah Page, VP Mobile Security & Strategic Projects at ADT

SoSecure by ADT Jogger

New SOS Features
SoSecure by ADT is the most comprehensive mobile safety app on the market, and it comes backed by the most trusted name in security, ADT. Our feature-loaded app ensures you get help fast – whether that’s sliding a button, SMS chat, video, or hands-free with voice. With personal health and safety being a high priority for everyone right now, ADT has recently added new SOS features to SoSecure, giving users more discreet ways to summon help than any other personal safety app:

Voice Activation

Voice Activation (with Secret Phrase)

  • Voice Activation (with Secret Phrase)**: Set up personalized phrases, then use your voice to activate SOS, quickly and inconspicuously sending emergency alerts to ADT. SoSecure will recognize your secret phrase (even while your phone is locked) and alert ADT that you need help. This feature is beneficial when users need to discreetly request emergency assistance without anyone around them knowing or when they need to send alerts hands free.
      User research is central to SoSecure’s feature design and prioritization. As part of that process, we discovered that in certain emergency scenarios, e.g., when a user is near an attacker, having a way to discreetly summon help without the attacker’s knowledge is critical. Convenience and speed are also key to users as every second counts in an emergency. Eliminating the steps of unlocking the phone and navigating the app provide an even faster way to summon help. These discoveries were key focus areas in our feature development.
Video Monitoring Image

Video Monitoring

  • Video**: Have an ADT agent virtually by your side via video. The video monitoring feature allows the user to start a video call with an ADT agent the moment they feel unsafe. The user can livestream the video to the agent, filming themselves or their surroundings. The agent can see the user’s live stream video and take action based on what is being shown and help to provide situational crime deterrence. Video monitoring can be an effective deterrent tool for users, and it allows ADT to take action on behalf of the user – like whether or not to send emergency services, viewing the user’s last known GPS location, and alerting emergency contacts.
Crash Detection

Crash Detection

  • Crash Detection***: If we detect that you’re in an accident, ADT will automatically check on you and quickly send help to your location. Protection is tied to the user, not the vehicle. Crash detection technology is integrated within the SoSecure app and operates based on different severity tiers. In low severity accidents, we confirm if users are okay or need emergency services. For more severe accidents, we immediately notify first responders with the user’s location.
Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

  • Roadside Assistance***: Whether users have a flat tire, dead car battery, are out of gas or locked out of their car, they can get moving quickly! Users simply request roadside assistance from the SoSecure app and be on their way. Services Provided by Cross Country Motor Club.

**Available with a subscription to SoSecure Plus 
***Available with a subscription to SoSecure Premium

SoSecure serves as a support element before alerting authorities or friends and family. When an alert is triggered, ADT will attempt to contact the user to obtain more details about the situation if possible. If there is no response, or if we can confirm there’s an emergency, ADT will notify 911 of your location and your profile details to help them find you faster.

The Mobile App That Can Help Save Your Life
Disaster can strike at any moment: whether while walking your dog, loading groceries in your car, or out on a date, bad things can happen during the most ordinary situations. Research finds that most American women (61%) take steps to avoid being assaulted on a day-to-day basis. These include not traveling alone, informing others of our whereabouts, not drinking as much, minimizing interactions with strangers, having a phone prepared, the list goes on and on. But that doesn’t mean that you need to live in a constant state of fear.

The easiest, most direct way to be prepared and ready to “fight back” is by adding a personal safety app to your smartphone. SoSecure by ADT has numerous safety capabilities that add an increased level of security and peace of mind to people using iOS or Android devices. Available for free download, SoSecure provides safety features that allow you to immediately be in touch with ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring, family, and friends if ever faced with a dangerous or uncomfortable situation.

Award Recognition
ADT believes that everyone has the right to feel safe and the extension of our capabilities to mobile allows us to deliver on that mission. A leader in innovation and safety technology, ADT’s technical teams are constantly propelling themselves towards breakthroughs and our monitoring agents work tirelessly to provide customers the help and support they need.

SoSecure by ADT shas been recognized as deserving the highest awards for mobile safety technology. Most recently, SoSecure has been named the recipient of The Monitoring Association (TMA) and Security Sales & Integration’s (SSI) 2021 TMA/SSI Monitoring Technology “Marvel” AwardCampus Security & Life Safety’s 2021 Secure Campus Awardsand the 19th Annual American Business Awards' 2021 Stevie Award in Product Innovation.