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What does the 3G sunset mean for ADT customers?

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Photo of radio towers and sunset

Beginning this year, many of the U.S.’ largest wireless carriers will cease to operate their 3G networks and transition to LTE—this is also referred to as the 3G sunset.

Why does this matter?
Millions of consumers depend on 3G wireless connected devices, and when wireless carriers shut off this signal, starting soon, 3G devices will no longer have a connection. ADT customers who have already updated their smart security systems to LTE will remain connected to ADT’s monitoring centers and no additional action is needed.

ADT has been preparing for this transition for years, and we have converted nearly all of our customers’ systems which use 3G/CDMA radios.

How do I know if my ADT service will be affected?
ADT has communicated with customers via mail, email, text, and phone to inform them about any necessary updates to their systems.

Two update solutions are used to keep ADT smart security systems connected to our monitoring centers through this transition:

  • DIY Update: Some customers were offered a CellBridge device that converts their system from 3G to LTE cellular communication. Customers with eligible alarm systems have already received the device.
  • Professional Update: Customers have the option to have an ADT technician make the conversion.
  • ADT customers with the Command & Control product (introduced in 2019) do not require a DIY or professionally applied update.

ADT customers wanting more information about the 3G sunset and their ADT security system can learn more at ADT customer support is available to any ADT customer who believes their system requires an update. ADT customers can log in to or call 800-730-8251.