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Innovating To Help Connect And Protect ADT Customers

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By: Jim DeVries, ADT President & CEO

Jim DeVries, ADT President & CEO

ADT has been the leader in home security innovation since our company’s founding, and we continue that proud tradition today, more than at any time in our industry’s evolution. Today, ADT is employing technology like machine learning (ML) to help connect and protect our customers in more secure and helpful ways than ever before.

ML in ADT’s smart home security systems give people and families even more protection and peace of mind. For instance, if you forget to close a window at night, you’ll get a reminder to close it.  Or, if a door or window that is usually closed gets opened, you can receive an unusual activity alert. And, ML learns the difference between the faces of family members and visitors so you can know when your child gets home from school with a simple app alert.

IoT devices have changed the way many people interact with their homes every day – I can tell my Google voice assistant to arm and disarm my ADT security system, for example.  We’re working to connect more of our customers’ favorite IoT devices with ADT systems for greater security and more convenience by supporting Matter. And, we’re doing exciting work on proactive protection that makes better use of data, already produced by IoT in the home, to stop small issues before they become major problems, like water leaks.

Advances in video analytics, a type of ML, also hold tremendous opportunity to help solve one of home security’s most vexing problems – false alarms.  It’s an area we’re intently focused on solving at ADT, and our research and development in this area alongside our new partners at Google, have brought us much closer to solving this universal challenge.

And, for verified alarms, video analytics holds great promise in helping to save more lives thanks to better data.  Your ADT system will be capable of providing first responders with managed access to critical information to help them render aid – like if people or pets are present in a home that’s on fire.  In the future, this kind of real-time information can be accessed by firefighters in their vehicles while on the way to an emergency – this is groundbreaking work in protection and something we can all be proud of.