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Matter is Creating Connections Between More Objects, Simplifying Development for Manufacturers & Increasing Compatibility for Consumers

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Mark Reimer, VP Product Engineering

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This week, the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), formerly known as Zigbee Alliance, announced Matter – the interoperable, secure connectivity standard for the future of the smart home.

ADT is a proud participant in the CSA, joining fellow members and supporters in sharing our enthusiasm for the potential Matter holds for the future of a single connectivity standard that is simple, secure, and just works.

As the #1 smart home security brand in the United States, ADT is a strong proponent for the standardization of IoT communication protocols that meet our stringent reliability, security, and data privacy requirements. Among the immediate benefits for consumers is extending the capabilities of your ADT system with Matter connected devices, so that you can, for instance, lock all of your doors, adjust the thermostat, and turn off your lights when you arm your security system. Imagine a day when all of the devices in your home work together in harmony to help you, and take care of things on their behalf, so you can focus on what matters most.

ADT’s ongoing research and development into standards focuses on wireless communication technologies that are reliable, secure, and work in home sizes ranging from single bedrooms to large custom homes.

Local, in-home communications over Matter will provide the delightful helpful home experiences we are building for the next evolution of smart home security being developed between ADT and Google right now.

Our vision for smart home is one where technology adapts to you and takes care of things on your behalf. We believe that installing 20 connected lights should be as easy and quick as installing one. We believe that in-home connectivity should become so intuitive and reliable that anyone can connect a device. Matter and the CSA, together with the work ADT and Google are jointly developing, will help bring this promise to reality.