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Turning Video Surveillance into Business Intelligence

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By: ADT Staff

Business owners likely already know that an alarm and surveillance system can help deter and investigate thefts and break-ins. But what they might not realize is that very same equipment in combination with a powerful business intelligence tool can provide them with critical insights, helping make decisions that ensure compliance, reduce costs and boost profits.

ADT Business is now offering CSVR (Commercial Streaming Video Recorder) to small and medium business customers. This unique offering in the business security space goes beyond basic video surveillance to provide business owners with crucial data including queue monitoring, occupancy tracking, people counting, crowd gathering, and heat mapping that can help them improve operations. With CSVR, a business’s security system can provide smarter insights, automations and notifications, robust reporting and ultimately function as a business management tool.

Queue Monitoring
Long lines can put a damper on any customer experience. With queue monitoring, business owners will get a notification if a line is getting too long or is moving too slowly. They can also monitor total wait times and the maximum number of customers in line over time. The insights from CSVR’s queue monitoring feature can help a business owner pivot quickly if they are made aware of a long line, manage and optimize staffing to help prevent long lines, and ultimately help improve the customer experience.

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Occupancy Tracking
Let’s face it – traffic is good! All business owners want people in their stores. That said, there are laws regarding occupancy, and unless a business has someone dedicated to counting, it’s hard to get an accurate number. This is even more important in the age of COVID where occupancy limits are reduced. CSVR can tell a business owner exactly how many people are in their store at any given moment, keeping them in compliance and open for business.

Occupancy Tracking Photo

People Counting
Armed with specific information, business owners can better understand traffic flow, which is critical to business planning and analysis. For example, CSVR’s people counting feature can help business owners measure total foot traffic during specific time periods to determine if they should change staffing levels throughout the week, gauge effectiveness of marketing and promotions, compare performance over time and across locations, or even determine how foot traffic lines up with revenue.

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Crowd Gathering
For any business, unanticipated crowds can signal a potential issue that might need attention. CSVR’s crowd gathering feature can help business owners ensure employee safety and improve loss prevention by keeping track of how many people are in a defined area at any given point. Business owners will receive an app notification if a crowd gathers, allowing them to take any necessary action. On the positive side, crowd gathering can also help measure the effectiveness of end-cap displays, free samples, and live product demonstrations.

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Heat Mapping
Heat mapping can help a business owner visualize customer movement in their store over time. These maps provide business owners with the insights they need to optimize use of their prime shelf space and improve the layout of their store. Hot spots can indicate where business owners may want to place their best-selling merchandise or even where they may want to add more security.

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ADT’s offering of CSVR and its business intelligence capabilities bring a new world of possibility to small and medium business operations. An ADT CSVR system will not only provide these helpful insights to business owners, but also help protect their business and livelihood 24/7.