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Consolidating Office Space in a New World of Working

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As more ADT employees continue to work remotely, the company is shedding some of its office space around America. One example is in the West Henrietta suburb of Rochester, NY where ADT has operated two buildings, side-by-side, for 20-plus years.

In February, a leased 50,000 square foot building closed, because over 90% of the 500 employees who worked there were permanently assigned to work from home. Remaining employees were consolidated into the ADT-owned building next door.

The savings are just over $1 million per year, not counting the utility bills, taxes, and other expenses. Also, hundreds of fewer people on the roads each day means less fuel being burned in cars. 

“Not only are these team members being more efficient and productive while working at home, but they are also helping us reduce our corporate footprint which, in turn, helps us reduce our environmental footprint,” said Amy Root, Vice President, Operation Service Centers (OSC).